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Member Support
07/03/2014 - A California Weekend In March, we were honored to be a part of TWO fabulous fundraisers on the West Coast! On Saturday, March 15, Jael and James Tanti opened their beautiful home in Anaheim Hills, Calif., to host a delicious vegan dinner (handily prepared by Jael), silent auction, and a presentation by Physician
Hosting a PCRM Event: Getting Started
01/18/2012 - Hosting a PCRM Event | Getting Started | Sample Timeline Hosting an event is a great way to raise funds and awareness—and have fun. However, planning an event can be quite time consuming and expensive, so we have put together some information to help organize the process and make it enjoyable for all involved.
Reform the March of Dimes
07/14/2011 - Watch PCRM's Video "Reform the March of Dimes" Is the March of Dimes Spending Your Donation Wisely? Tell the March of Dimes to use your donation to support prenatal care, education, social programs, and modern human-based research, not wast
Support PCRM
01/28/2011 - The PCRM family includes physicians, healthcare professionals, veterinarians, and compassionate laypersons, all of whom support our mission to: Advocate for ethical research End cruelty to animals in labs and education
Childhood Obesity Conference Confronts the Fattening of America
01/14/2011 - Is childhood obesity more dangerous than cancer? In the next 50 years, pediatric obesity may shorten life expectancy in the United States by two to five years—an effect equal to that of all cancers combined, according to research by David Ludwig, M.D., Ph.D. Hear his and other childhood obesity experts’
PCRM Conference Confronts Childhood Obesity Epidemic
01/14/2011 - As the federal government’s National School Lunch Program continues to emphasize artery-clogging, high-cholesterol foods, childhood obesity has reached record levels—16 percent of children ages 2 to 19 are now considered obese. And as waistlines expand, so does the risk for chronic disease, including h
New Investigation of Finances: March of Dimes Denies Donor Requests on Experiments
12/29/2010 - The March of Dimes has again managed to frustrate donors concerned about the welfare of animals and has become mired in allegations of financial impropriety. The March of Dimes has taken in nearly $700 million for birth defects at its annual WalkAmerica fund-raising walks since 1970. While the charity h
Poll Shows Majority of Americans Prefer Cruelty-Free Charities
11/26/2001 - WASHINGTON—A new poll shows that 56 percent of adults say they are more likely to donate to a health charity that does not fund animal experiments than to one that does. The survey of 1,001 men and women was conducted from November 16 to 19, 2001, by Opinion Research Corporation International of Princeton, N.J.,

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