Site Search Tips

The Physicians Committee

Site Search Tips

Here are some more advanced options for using the PCRM website search tool.


Searching with Phrases

Any string of characters separated by spaces is treated as a phrase. If you are trying to search with multiple individual keywords try using OR or AND between your terms as described below under 'Combining Search Terms'.



Wildcard searching is useful if you are unsure of the spelling or a word or want to broaden the scope of your search.

Use an asterisk character (*) to perform a wildcard search. The asterisk will substitute for any number of characters. For example, searching for zoo* will return results for zoos, zookeeper, and zoology.

A question mark (?) can be used as a wildcard for exactly one character. For example, ch?mp will return results for chimp, chomp, and champ.


Combining Search Terms

Search Term Finds Pages That Contain
beans OR rice OR grains Any of the words beans, rice, or grains
beans AND rice AND grains All of the words beans, rice, and grains
health, cancer, prevention Any of the words health, cancer, and prevention. The more instances of these words in a page, the higher it appears in the results list.
diabetes NOT juvenile The word diabetes but not the word juvenile