The Physicians Committee

Remembering Rodney Society members generously support the Physicians Committee every month. These gifts are the fuel behind all our lifesaving work to stop animal cruelty in testing and training labs, and promote responsible medicine and healthy living.

We are grateful to the members of the Remembering Rodney Society for their special commitment as monthly donors. Please join this incredible group of donors - Join the Remembering Rodney Society today!

Zoe K - I believe in their mission and am proud to contribute to an organization that does so much to promote well-being for both humans and animals
gregory m -
Pat F - I applaud their work on behalf of the animals who otherwise have no voice.
Erika K-F - of their advocacy of both compassionate and preventative medicine.
Bob G - The measure of one's empathy is predicated upon the capacity for a connection to all sentient, innocent creatures.
Beth D - animals deserve to be treated with respect, kindness and love
martha c -
Chino -
Steve J - We need to put an end to all animal testing.
Laura O - Dr Neal Barnard helps me make the case to clients that a vegan diet is not only the moral thing to do, but the best for their health as well.
Robin K - We must continue to work individually and through PCRM to find a better way to improve health care than using animals.
Liat G - Being the voice of non-human animals
Laurie P - Dr. Bernard encourages a plant based lifestyle with factual information.
Karen C - They are trying to stop animal cruelty while helping humanity!
Neerav Tania - Dr Bernard is an inspiration to all. Very few people have committed their lives to the benefit and welfare of both humans and animals.
James C -
Laurel W - I believe that animals are a gift and should be treated with love and respect. Thanks PCRM for saving innocent lives.
Charo B - We must end the unnecessary testing on innocent animals
Melinda - I love all animals and feel blessed that I can do at least a small part to be of some help
Chanelle B - animals have souls.
Shae S - my animal companions are my best friends.
Dr. Eileen B - If we had known about Rodney sooner, we would have brought him home to live with us.
Brenda R - I want to end all animal suffering.
Lynn K - Through loving animals we all learn how to love more…and I’m all for more LOVE!
Chantal D - Pcrm has been presenting sincerity and loyalty to the Earth and the universe.
susan s - “You can judge a man's true character by the way he treats his fellow animals” ~~ Paul McCartney
Diana P - Thank you PC for all you do to stop animal cruelty.
Sandra K - causing harm or suffering of animals is unethical
Jennifer B - All living things deserve to live a happy life!
Jim M - I love animals!
Bruno L -
Dolores M - Animals give us so much and deserve to be treated with dignity.
Patrice T - animals want to live and be happy! Every animal deserves a life free from confinement, suffering, and abuse.
Tania D - these beautiful creatures DESERVE to be treated with respect and love
Elinor V - I can't imagine how any human can look into any animal's eyes and not have compassion for their pain and suffering.
Karina P - Love animals. Want to see happy animals!!!
Kim L - Rodney suffered by the hands of humans, this has got to stop. Animals are a true gift from God.
Molly I - I believe that humans and animals are not so different. Animals have no voice, and we can speak on their behalf. There are better options!
yoke kuang L - the PCRM promotes compassion and is committed to the protection of all animals and safeguarding the health of human beings.
Noelene S - I so admire and agree with their tremendous work and goals,espec as I am a retired nurse - now vegetarian for 44 years!
Kelly K - I appreciate PCRM's commitment to find healthy solutions for people and animals.
Lisa S - Numbers don't lie. Attended a seminar where Dr. Barnard spoke. Statistics show animal testing is ineffective and, of course, cruel.
Suzanne V - it's the right thing to do.
Maryanne W - all living creatures deserve to be treated humanely.
Jennifer T - As a pharmacist and animal lover I feel strongly about supporting PCRM and its efforts to stop animal cruelty like that done to Rodney.
Judith C - PCRM gets results & educates, informs & takes action to change our world for the better both for people & animals
Patricia P - Together, we can effect change by reminding physicians to "first, do no harm," which should, and must, apply to all living creatures.
David - I am proud to be a contributor to PCRM..I am always as a go to site for health and wellness to my clients.
Stephanie L - I had read Rodney's story several years ago. It literally made me bawl my eyes out. The story really had a hard effect on me.
Christine K - Holistic living prevents disease, make doctors and medication unnecessary the best you can.Educate yourself!
Lynn M - they are doing God's work.
Jan P - Animals are God's creatures. I am grateful that PCRM is doing the work it does to protect them and I will always remember Rodney.
Teresa D - I feel that animals are to be loved and cherished, not tested on. In this day and age, animal testing should and could be obsolete.
Deborah L - Testing on animals is cruel and unnecessary. I will always remember Rodney and will always support PCRM.
iris M - This is so wrong. In today's world we don't need these useless tests that are abusing innocent animals, Very sad!
Kirsten B - Coriander and I believe that no animal should be tested on.
D+E H - PCRM is doing an awesome work and is calling all compassionate people to action
Mike A - of their love of all animals including humans.
Renee L - I dream of a cruelty-free world.
rick s - thank you for your work to end experiments on
Debbie G - The Lord Jesus cares for all His creation
Pauline B - I totally abhore cruelty in any form, and animal experimentation is both unnecessary and indefensible
Sherry B - they strive to protect animals and so do I.
Marcia H - I Love animals with all my heart
Dr Sam Lavi - Enough with the disregard to the life of animals
Donna S -
Samuel J -
Janet - Every living being deserves humane treatment.
Betty G - When God gave us dominion over animals, I believe He means for us to take care of them in a responsible manner. PCRM does that.
Peggy P - of Kita and Koko and my lifelong commitment to the animals.
Janice B - of their untiring commitment to helping all animals, including the human ones.
Susan C - Their unwavering commitment to help all beings!
Karen C - They defend the helpless while educating humanity on the useless cruelty and waste of animal testing!
Elizabeth S - they're bold, unafraid, and provide the expertise needed to end this pointless suffering.
Gail L - Thank you to PCRM for your commitment to animals!
Barbara O - I stopped eating animals and using them several years ago and my compassion for all life has grown as a result. I trust PCRM.
Sylvia S - Cruelty to animals breaks my heart. I would do anything to stop it.
Suzanne E - I have a deep love for all animals and will do everything in my power to end their suffering.
Patricia D - I am proud to support an organization like PCRM, which helps defenseless animals. Thank you for your continued work.
Pat B - Thank God for your good works. We are all his children and the furry one are most precious.
Nancy K - you have great success eliminating animal testing
Sally K - I am so grateful for the work that is being done here to protect animals and end their suffering.
Beryl A - I am honored to support PCRM, for all the animals, large and small.
Dr. Anki W - This is the only society of Physicians that dare to take an ethical stand against animal testing. My beloved cat Nimni thanked you!
Sue C - PCRM is doing great work on behalf of animals, and I am honored to support this wonderful organization.
Nancy S - I believe in what you are doing and I love and respect animals of all kind
YOKO Y - all animals deserve a life free from pain and fear.
Anonymous -
Joann R - like all animals, Sambuca is not an inanimate test tube, and they recognize it.
Michele D - They are going to stop all animal research. Can't even think of our Simba being tortured in a lab. Thank you, in the name of compassion.
Cassandra P - PCRM provides support and stands up for animal rights.
Wendy R - Animals are sentient creatures and PCRM stands up for their rights.
Karen K - my beloved Boston terrier Mack, rescued from an Amish puppy mill
Miranda W -
David H - they save animals lives
Carol V -
Adam L - my dog Sophie was the best thing that ever happened to me.
Angie S - it always seems impossible until it's done- Nelson Mandela; my goal, eliminating animals in research, on factory farms etc "until it's done"
Merthyr S - I have had an affinity with animals since I was still in my cot....65 years an animal lover, advocate & protector. Harm NO animal.
Jane R - Our 12 year old shelter dog, Oreo, changed our lives by making us aware of the great need that shelter dogs have.
paula g - I love animals and they should all be treated with respect.
Shirley M - They work successfully to protect animals and inspire us to follow a vegan lifestyle. (She will be released. I'm a rehabber.)
Ana F - They understand the suffering of innocent animals and consider it the same as our own suffering, we both dream of a kinder world for animals
Christine M - She made me see animals in a whole new way. My heart opened when she became part of my family. She is love.
Laura G - I love animals and they protect them.
Nicky B - The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. -Mahatma Gandhi
Rusty M - To many people don't understand that animals have and feel all the emotions and feelings we do. They just don't understand them as we.
Glenda S - in order to be a compassionate person, you have to start with compassion for all creatures.
Barbara D - I love animals
Elizabeth H - fighting cruelty toward other animals is the best thing any of us can do to heal the world.
bob y - we need to start treating all living creatures with respect
Ann G - Animals enrich all of our lives,,,we need to protect them.
David M - “The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? But rather, Can they suffer?” - Jeremy Bentham, 19th century Philosopher, Oxford
Maria - This little guy had so much love to give and yet he was left behind simply because he was old and frail. He was our baby and we love him.
Jean H - No animal should ever live a life of pain and fear.
Esther O - it advocates for sensible and healthy diets and the welfare of animals and our world. My shelter cat, Penny, reminds me to be patient & kind
Alexis L - No creature, human or otherwise, deserves to suffer. Physicians and their supporters should be at the forefront of efforts for change.
April S - PCRM fights horrific cruelty and sadism to animals so prevalent in our world.
Lily L - it aims to build a better healthier world sustained without the use or abuse of animals
Ruth M - it just makes me sick that animals are made to suffer for research
Pennie P - How can we not love them back as much as they give to us? They make us better people by showing what unconditional love looks like.
Cori C - We need more watchdog groups to ensure animals are being treated humanely, fairly and not abused for science sake
Dyan F - Every being desires to be happy. They help make that happen.
lynn k - it is a remarkable organization addressing the suffering of all beings
Suzi T - each creature affects all the others as well as homo sapiens. All are connected and that matters. Adopts shelter pets.
Michael P - they protect those among us who can't protect themselves
Robert - of the fine work the committee does in promoting animal rights.
Taia A - No soul is less significant than any other.
Brenda B - everyone matters
Sherry R - PCRM puts a scientific twist on the benefits of non animal research and plant based diets.
Kim B - Physicians Committee helps make the world a better, more humane place for animals and people.
Lucy B - They are an effective voice for animals and successfully link animal welfare with human health.
Joseph Y - They are at the forefront of animal protection and it makes me proud to be a part of their campaign.
Barbar B - PCRM is effective in making the world better for animals.
Marsha H - Together we can make a difference for the animals!
Rick B - (At a farm animal sanctuary in Bennett Colorado). Because all lives matter.
Janine N - It is the only moral thing to do!
Beth J - using any sentient being as a disposable research tool decreases us all.
Olivia T -
Barb R - Just like people, animals have feelings. They should not be subjected to this torture in the name of science or for any other reason.
Houdini W - He was our first and best friend. In 2007 he crossed the rainbow bridge but we know that Mr. Houdini will be taken care of until we cross.
sherry w - we need to put an end to animal testing
Linda U - of their unending protection of, and activism to benefit, all animals!
Mary D - The fright and pain these trusting animals endure is unacceptable.
Christine T - they loves animals, and so do I.
Dr. B - Tthey protect and defend the animal kingdom.
Buster&Hobbes W - The suffering of so many animals must be prevented.
Kaia S - Because they make a lasting impact on the lives of animals and people.
Gypsy W - PCRM's work is vital in changing the face of animal expolitation. Otis is grateful for know that they are on his side! .
Jackie J - There's only one pet for me
Donna M - They give animals a voice.
Christine B - they champion a better way to conduct research that spared animals' lives.
Yuko K - PCRM is doing what I want to do. Their scientific approach is essential to convince people & society.
Shelley M - PCRM's work is wonderful to read about. It helps bring hope for a tomorrow when no animal will suffer, ever.
Janell L - Sweet innocent animals like Molly need to have strong advocates on their side.
Jayne W - I love animals and believe we have a responsibility to respect and care for them. They feel emotion and pain and are not disposable!
Barb B - I have always been an animal lover. I hate to hear about abuse off any animals. This is one of my rescue dogs.
Andree lerat - I am proud of the work PCRM does on behalf of animals and people. Thank you
Shay W - I join with PCRM to support every creature's right to freedom, respect and happiness.
Amy B - PCRM helps people eat well as vegans, helps animals live with dignity, and is respectful in how it achieves its goals.
Tammy N - Having 2 amazing rescue companions in our home is just one way to show our love and desire to protect the innocent. Thank you PCRM!
Linda C - I appreciate PCRM's efforts to end the use of animals in medical research. Rodney's story broke my heart.
Karin F - They deserve our protection and love, and to live free of pain and suffering.
Heather S - I want to help end cruelty to Animals.
Linda B - I love all animals and hope to make life better for all the wonderful annals we share our lives with!
Ricki Z - animals are not disposable 'specimens'. I respect anyone in the science field who recognizes this and offers love and kindness to them.
Norma O - I believe all animals should live in peace and not be scared that humans are going to hurt them.
Philomina R - they believe all animals deserve to live good lives.
monica d - They are true scientists of true science:Knowledge.
Suzanne W - They educate people about the horrors of vivisection; they do everything to end animal cruelty; and they really succeed in helping animals.
Michael L - they expose vivisection for what it is, and they are also spreading the word about how dangerous animal protein consumption is.
Lori G - All dogs and cats should live good lives filled with love, joy and happiness.
Betsy W - Physicians Committee is standing up to cruelty and making this a kinder world for all of us with evidence-based action.
Lori B - I am grateful for PCRM and Dr. Barnard, for knowing his work lightens my heart a litt.e.
Sheila G - I support the compassionate work of Dr. Barnard's Remembering Rodney because it is raising awareness and changing hearts, minds & laws!
Tim C - PCRM supports compassion through science and advocates doing science with compassion
Anna Z -
Robin P - Seeing my beautiful, sweet cat Tinker every day reminds me of all the animals in laboratories who need us to speak out for them.
Paige D - They are working to end animal abuse in so many different ways and they have a proven record of success
Patricia E - No animal should have to go through repeated surgeries and painful acts in the name of science.