Volunteer with PCRM to Encourage Healthy Nutrition

The Physicians Committee

Volunteer with PCRM to Encourage Healthy Nutrition

1. Distribute our Vegetarian Starter Kit to your friends, family, and community.
Leave our Vegetarian Starter Kit at your local library, community center, food co-op, or place of worship. You may have to ask permission to do this, but many places welcome the distribution of veg-friendly materials. You can order PCRM’s Vegetarian Starter Kit by visiting our literature store.

2. Donate PCRM’s nutrition books to your local library.
Help spread the word about healthy vegetarian diets by donating books by Dr. Neal Barnard or books from our Healthy Eating for Life Series to your local library. Our books can be purchased online.

3. Reach out to local restaurants.
Ask your local restaurants to offer vegetarian options. Use suggestion boxes or comment cards to request healthy vegetarian dishes.

Show your appreciation! Thank restaurants for offering healthy, delicious vegetarian food.

Ask your local coffee shop to offer soymilk. Everyone is switching to soy! If your local coffee shop doesn’t offer it, ask to speak with the manager. Or, if your local coffee shop is a chain that still doesn’t carry soymilk, contact the headquarters directly, either through e-mail, a phone call, or mail. Mention that people are switching to soymilk for a number of reasons, including their health, and that the majority of people of color are lactose intolerant. Point out that even Starbucks promotes soymilk as healthy, Earth-friendly, and delicious.

Learn more about the health risks associated with dairy milk.

4. Make your cafeteria vegetarian friendly.
If you’re a college student, high school student, parent of a young student, or if your workplace has a cafeteria in the building, you can help make your cafeteria a healthier place to eat. Start by politely asking for more meat-, egg-, and dairy-free foods, such as veggie burgers, bean and rice burritos, stir-fries, soymilk, and nondairy ice cream. You just might get what you ask for!

Show your appreciation! Thank your cafeteria for offering healthy, delicious vegetarian food.  

5. Speak about vegan diets and the prevention and treatment of heart disease in your community.
If you are interested in speaking in your community about the role of vegan diets in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, please feel free to use this Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease lecture as a template for your discussion. To request literature to accompany you discussion, please visit our literature store.