Physicians Committee Volunteer Opportunities for Students

The Physicians Committee

Physicians Committee Volunteer Opportunities for Students

Students of all ages can help promote healthy nutrition and ethical research. Here are some suggested ways to take action.

1. Distribute our Vegetarian Starter Kit to your friends, family, and community.
Leave our Vegetarian Starter Kit at your school library, student center, or cafeteria. You may have to ask permission to do this, but many places welcome the distribution of veg-friendly materials. You can order PCRM’s Vegetarian Starter Kit by visiting PCRM’s literature store

2. Write a letter to the editor of your school paper or local paper.
See an article about ethics in research or nutrition in your school paper or local paper that you’d like to respond to? Send a letter to the editor—and send us a copy if you get published! Use our letter writing tips to get started.

3. Contact medical schools that continue to use live animal labs.
While 80 percent of medical schools in the United States have replaced inhumane live animal labs with modern and humane alternatives, these medical schools continue to use live animals to teach basic concepts in human physiology, pharmacology, and/or surgery. If your local universities or alma mater are on this list, please write school officials to express your concerns about these crude exercises.

4. Thank medical schools that no longer use live animal labs.
Many schools no longer use live animal labs to train medical students. If your local universities or alma mater are on this list, please thank school officials for their humane policy.

5. Donate PCRM’s nutrition books to your school library.
Help spread the word about healthy vegetarian diets by donating books by Dr. Neal Barnard or books from our Healthy Eating for Life Series to your school library. Our books can be purchased online.

6. Air a PCRM video on college television.
If you’re a college student and your college or university has its own television station, you can ask the station to air a PCRM video. Each school is different, so contact your college television station for information on how to submit videos. You’ll need to find out what formats are accepted and how to get your video approved. You can order PCRM videos on DVD or VHS by visiting PCRM’s marketplace.      

7. Encourage your school to use dissection alternatives.
Students of all ages are concerned about animal dissection—and rightly so. There’s no need to use animals in the classroom when so many alternatives exist. There are many things you can do to educate your teachers, school administrators, and fellow students about the drawbacks of dissection and the effective and humane alternatives to the use of animals.

8. Make your cafeteria vegetarian friendly.
If you’re a student or parent of a young student, you can help make your cafeteria a healthier place to eat. Start by politely asking for more meat-, egg-, and dairy-free foods, such as veggie burgers, bean and rice burritos, stir-fries, soymilk, and nondairy ice cream. You just might get what you ask for!

Show your appreciation! Thank your cafeteria for offering healthy, delicious, vegetarian food.  

10. Help in our ongoing campaigns to put a stop to cruel and unnecessary animal experiments and live animal labs.