Other PCRM Volunteer Opportunities

The Physicians Committee

Other PCRM Volunteer Opportunities

1. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.
See a newspaper or magazine article about nutrition or ethics in research that you’d like to respond to? Send a letter to the editor—and send us a copy if you get published! Use our letter writing tips to get started.

2. Air a PCRM video on public access television or college television.
Become a member of your local public access television station and air PCRM’s educational videos or public service announcements. Each station has specific requirements for this process, so contact your local station for information on how to become a member, annual membership fees, programming format, timeslots, and submitting videos. You can order PCRM videos on DVD or VHS on our marketplace

If you’re a college student and your college or university has its own television station, you can ask the station to air a PCRM video. Each school is different, so contact your college television station for information on how to submit videos. You’ll need to find out what formats are accepted and how to get your video approved.

3. Place a PCRM public service announcement in your community.
PCRM offers a wide range of high-quality TV, radio, and print public service announcements addressing important health and medical research issues. Free advertising space on buses, billboards, and radio or television stations is available for nonprofit organizations. Find a free space and we’ll help you place a PSA. To order our PSAs, contact psa@pcrm.org or 202-686-2210, ext. 324.

4. Host a lecture in your community.
Want to host a lecture? Let PCRM know and we will help find an expert to speak about plant-based nutrition or ethical and effective medical research. Please contact pcrm@pcrm.org.

5. Link to a PCRM Web site or download a PCRM banner.
Link to a PCRM Web site on a board or on your blog or personal Web page. Or, download a PCRM Web banner.

6. Place a PCRM op-ed or article in your local newspaper.
If you receive or obtain column space in your local newspaper, you can help place one of PCRM’s op-eds or articles. You can ask the editorial page editor to run one of PCRM’s previously published op-eds on nutrition or research. Or, if you receive free column space, PCRM can provide articles on issues related to vegetarian nutrition and health or on ethical research. If you are able to help, please contact communications@pcrm.org.

7. Distribute PCRM literature to friends, family, doctors’ offices, conferences, etc.
PCRM has a variety of resources on our literature store. Please contact volunteer@pcrm.org if you’d like to arrange to pick up free PCRM literature and other resources from our D.C. office.