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Please Consider Joining the Remembering Rodney Society
07/08/2011 - By joining the Remembering Rodney Society, you will ensure PCRM’s continued work on behalf of animals like Rodney with your gift every month, week, or quarter. Rodney was a sweet, gentle mixed-breed dog whose poignant story captures the essence of why PCRM was founded
PCRM Online | October 2010
05/24/2011 -  October 2010
How to Reach PCRM
02/02/2011 -   PCRM 5100 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Ste. 400 Washington, DC 20016-4131 T: 202-686-2210 F: 202-686-2216 Please note: Due to an overwhelming number of inquiries, we are unable to answer each e-mail we receive. If the answer to your question is on any of our Web sites or if you are forwardin
Support PCRM
01/28/2011 - The PCRM family includes physicians, healthcare professionals, veterinarians, and compassionate laypersons, all of whom support our mission to: Advocate for ethical research End cruelty to animals in labs and education
Remembering Rodney: PCRM Introduces Commemorative Calendar
01/12/2011 - PCRM’s monthly donor program, the Remembering Rodney Society, was established to honor Rodney, a special dog who lived out his life in a teaching laboratory. Rodney represents every dog, cat, pig, goat, or other animal who endures pain, and usually death, in the course of medical training, drug or chemical t
Member Support
11/22/2010 - Summer Giving: Pursuing Compassion and Progress Dear PCRM Supporter, Our members often ask me if there is anything in particular they can do to keep PCRM strong for the long run. Two things come instantly to mind. Both make a big difference: First, people who join PCRM’s monthly giv

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