Named Funds to Support the Physicians Committee

The Physicians Committee


Named Funds

to support the Physicians Committee’s lifesaving work


If you share the Physicians Committee’s mission to end cruelty to animals in laboratories and classrooms, advocate for ethical research and education, and promote lifesaving nutrition policies and practices, we urge you to establish a named fund.

Named funds provide critical resources to the Physicians Committee and offer a way for family members, friends, and colleagues to permanently honor or remember a person, to articulate what they value, and to encourage others to join them in their support.

Named funds fall into two categories:

1. Annually Renewable (Expendable) Named Funds

Annually renewable or “expendable” named funds allow you to support the Physicians Committee in one of two ways. The funds can be spent as necessary to support the overall lifesaving mission of the Physicians Committee or can be designated to support a program of your choosing.

This is vital for immediate or urgent needs. You will be recognized for your generosity on our website and in appropriate publications. Speak to a director of philanthropy in your area to learn about the initial investment required to establish a named fund.

2. Permanent (Endowed) Named Funds

Like annually renewable funds, endowed named funds allow you to support the overall mission or a selected area of focus within the Physicians Committee. Rather than the entire fund being utilized at once, your gift is invested in perpetuity. The Physicians Committee has investment and spending policies in place designed to preserve the purchasing power of the principal over the long term, protecting the future income stream against inflation and providing the donor(s) a lasting legacy, guaranteeing that the Physicians Committee will still have the support it needs far into the future.

A minimum commitment of $25,000 is required to establish an endowed fund, but like expendable funds, the commitment can be fulfilled via annual, quarterly, or monthly gifts.

This table shows the monthly gift amounts needed to establish a $25,000 endowed fund – either individually or with multiple donors participating.

Monthly gifts may be arranged to establish an Endowed Fund:

  Over 3 Years Over 4 Years Over 5 Years

One Donor

Two Donors

Three Donors

Four Donors

Five Donors

















Named funds make a significant difference keeping the Physicians Committee’s resources strong so that our lifesaving work will continue and grow.

For more information on named funds, please contact our philanthropy office
at 202-527-7304 or toll-free at 1-866-416-7276, ext. 304.