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PCRM Online February 2014
02/11/2014 - February 2014 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine  
PCRM Online February 2014 Nutrition
02/11/2014 - February 2014 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine  
Dinner Recipes
04/19/2012 - Quinoa Tacos Makes 12 tacos (12 servings) Quinoa is used as a grain, but is actually a seed native to South America. It is high in protein, and can be used as a substitute for rice. 4 cups water 5 cups chopped romaine lettuce 3 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro 2 cups Low-Fat Guacamole 12 flour tortillas
Healthy Basics Recipes
11/04/2011 -   In PCRM’s proposed improvements to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, participating grocers must supply basic healthful foods, referred to as “Healthy Basics.” Here are delicious recipes prepared from "Healthy Basics." Always Great Brown Rice Makes 6 1/2-cup servings B
Section One: Approaching the Victim of Partner Abuse
05/11/2011 - Signs of Abuse: What Physicians Should Look For Intervention Domestic Violence Education in the Medical Curriculum
Career Opportunities
02/02/2011 - About the Physicians Committee Since 1985, the Physicians Committee has been influencing advancements in medicine and science. We advocate for preventive medicine, especially good nutrition, conduct clinical research, and advocate for higher ethical standards in research. Our membership includes 150,000 health care
Frequently Asked Questions About Nutrition
10/13/2010 - Frequently Asked Questions About Nutrition 1. Do you recommend a vegetarian or a vegan diet? 2. I want to try a vegan diet. How should I start? 3. Is it healthy for children to be on a vegan diet? 4. How do I get protein on a vegan diet? Do I need to combine proteins? 5. How do I get enough calcium on a vegan diet

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