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Wyntergrace Williams
Wyntergrace Williams

The Art of Compassion
25th Anniversary Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Honorary Committee

Wyntergrace Williams

Wyntergrace Williams, daughter of television show host Montel Williams, has joined PCRM to help spread the word about the importance of vegetarian options in school lunches.

Wyntergrace is 15 years old, and four years ago, she changed to a vegetarian diet out of compassion for animals and for health concerns. She persuaded her mother to join her, and now she wants to make sure kids across the country have access to healthful vegetarian foods.

At Wyntergrace's middle school in Greenwich, Conn., she noticed it needed more vegetarian options in the lunch line. Realizing that many other students were also looking for healthier cafeteria meals, she started a petition to get healthful foods in her school.

The petition said, "Whether we choose them out of compassion for animals, or because of concerns about health or the environment, we all benefit from having plant-based meals available. We want to work with our cafeteria to make these new healthful offerings a success."

Eager to help all students find healthier foods at school, Wyntergrace was the first to sign PCRM’s national petition to Congress and stars in PCRM's "School Lunch Revolution" TV spot where she asks that all students and concerned adults across the country sign PCRM's petition to gain support for more vegetarian options in school lunches.

For information about the Honorary Committee, please contact:

Patricia Howard

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