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Persia White

Persia White

The Art of Compassion
25th Anniversary Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Honorary Committee

Persia White

In one word, Persia White is prolific. An actress, musician, producer, and animal rights activist, she is best known for her lead role in the popular CW series Girlfriends. Driven by her passion to change the world, Persia co-produced the award-winning documentary Earthlings, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, and is involved in the series Whale Wars on Animal Planet. Persia is a board member of the Humane Society of the United States, as well as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. She is the co-founder of Echoed Images, a new production company whose mission is to create conscious, world-changing media.

African-American, Irish, Puerto Rican and a multi-ethnic mix, Persia was born in South Philadelphia. As begins the biography of many an artist, Persia spent the first two months of her life in a musical instrument case—in this instance, an upright bass case. Her mother was a compassionate schoolteacher, writer, and civil rights activist who moved the family to the Bahamas for work. Persia’s early life was enmeshed with lush tropical landscapes, multicultural exposure, and reggae. When Persia was 8, the family moved back to the United States and settled in Miami. It’s here that Persia began her acting career. Already an accomplished ballet dancer, Persia knew she wanted to try theater. While walking down the street with her mother, Persia was spotted by a talent scout for the now world-renowned Coconut Grove Children’s Theater. Upon seeing her, the scout asked, “Are you an actress?” Persia immediately said, “Yes!” She has been a nonstop performer since that day, delving into musical theater, new forms of dance, acting, modeling, singing, playing instruments, and even branching out into painting, a passion of hers to this day.

Persia actually intended to be a singer before an actress. When she moved to Los Angeles, she turned down several album deals due to the lack of creative control offered in the contracts. Persia explains, “When I make music I want it to be honest and to be me. I wanted to wait and do it the way I felt it should be in my heart.” She focused on building her acting career and garnered the role she is most known for, Lynn Searcy on the CW’s Girlfriends. Girlfriends was the No. 1-TV show in African-American homes for more than eight years, as well as a leading show for all women ages 14-42. She also has a repertoire of guest star credits from some of the most popular shows on television, as well as leads in feature films. In 2010, Persia will star in Spoken Word, directed by Victor Nunez. Through this, Persia still developed her music on the backburner. She has worked with great artists such as Gary Wallis of Pink Floyd, Dominique Miller who works with Sting, Randy Jackson, and Big Bio of Outcast, as well as written soundtrack music for three independent films and three songs for the Girlfriends soundtrack. On Oct. 25, 2009, her birthday, Persia debuted her first solo album MECCA, a sprawling, 12-track journey combining a number of genres, including electronica, trip-hop, and elements of blues and prog-rock. The album features collaborations with ex-fiancé Saul Williams and Tricky. The overall album was produced by Persia herself, mixed by the legendary Dave Way, and mastered by (BigBass) Brian Gardner.

Persia’s success as an artist and public figure are all fueled by the desire to make change in the world. A passionate animal rights activist since she was 12, Persia has devoted her life to raising the consciousness of the public on issues of animal cruelty. As an artist, as an advocate, and as a person, Persia strives to reach further and deeper and bring all that she finds to light.

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