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Rick Springfield
Rick Springfield

The Art of Compassion
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Rick Springfield

There’s something about Rick Springfield that is and always has been very real. His songs about love and loss, greed and envy, elation and heartbreak spoke to that part of human nature that hasn’t changed in 3,000 years. They still do. To date, Rick Springfield has sold over 19 million records with a whopping 17 top-40 hits. He has performed for millions of devoted fans over the last three decades and continues to play over 100 shows a year, attracting new fans wherever he goes with his unique brand of audience interaction, unstoppable energy, and unforgettable songs that have become part of the soundtrack to people’s lives.

Motivated by the success of Venus in Overdrive, Rick Springfield decided to head in a different direction with his newest album, My Precious Little One, by sharing the lullabies he created for his own family. “I wrote these original lullabies for my two sons during the heady days of brand new fatherhood. As a songwriter, I wanted to do something to commemorate the birth of our children. Since neither of them were good sleepers, it seemed like a good idea to write some lullabies,” says the Grammy-award winner. “I rediscovered them last year, stuck in the back of a drawer in my music room. They brought back so many good memories of our kids when they were babies that I decided to rerecord and share them.” The 10 beautiful and heartfelt tracks on this album create a peaceful atmosphere that is sure to sooth and relax all who listen.

Rick’s most recent studio release, Venus in Overdrive, was released on July 29, 2008, to high acclaim. It debuted on Billboard at No. 28, his highest chart position since the mid-80s. A creative collaboration between Rick and his longtime bass player, Matt Bissonette, Venus in Overdrive is simultaneously classic and current—and definitely the music fans have loved since Rick’s distinctive canine companion, Lethal Ron, first graced the cover of his classic album, Working Class Dog.

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