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The Art of Compassion
25th Anniversary Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Honorary Committee


Moby was born in New York City, but grew up in Connecticut, where he started making music when he was 9 years old. He started out playing classical guitar and studied music theory, and then went on to play with the seminal Connecticut hardcore punk group Vatican Commandos when he was 14. He then played with post-punk band AWOL while studying philosophy at the University of Connecticut and Purchase College State University of New York. He started to deejay while attending college and was a fixture in the late-80s New York house and hip-hop scenes, deejaying at clubs such as Mars, Red Zone, MK, and the Palladium.

He released his first single, Go, in 1991 (listed as one of Rolling Stones best records of all time), and has been making albums ever since. His own records have sold over 20 million copies worldwide, and he's also produced and remixed scores of other artists, including David Bowie, Metallica, Beastie Boys, and Public Enemy, among others.

Moby has toured extensively, playing well over 3,000 concerts in his career. He has also had his music used in hundreds of films, including Heat, Any Given Sunday, Tomorrow Never Dies, and The Beach.

Currently, he's touring in support of his most recent album, Wait for Me, as well as working closely with a variety of different charities, including the Humane Society of the United States and the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function.

For information about the Honorary Committee, please contact:

Patricia Howard

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