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Bobi Leonard
Bobi Leonard
The Art of Compassion
25th Anniversary Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Honorary Committee

Bobi Leonard

Bobi Leonard was the first lifestyle reporter on KABC’s A.M. Los Angeles. For five years, Bobi brought her signature style of combining tropical elements with a highly dramatic and eclectic perspective into the homes of AM/LA’s viewers. In recent years, Bobi has hosted and reported on major national and local television networks as the “designer to the stars.”

An innovative force in American interior design for nearly three decades, Bobi Leonard owned the largest interior design company in America. She was a visionary pioneer in the revitalization of Santa Monica, renovating and preserving the historic area of the Main Street District. Founded in 1973, her company grew to a multi-million dollar enterprise with seven large showrooms, 300 hundred employees, and a distinguished celebrity clientele.

She was recognized for her contributions to the decorative arts and received the prestigious Women in Business award in 1999.

Bobi’s philanthropic endeavors are quite extensive: Most recently, she founded an organization called Women Helping Women in the World, the World Foundation of Women. She is on the board of several charitable organizations, including Malibu Global Awareness, which represents Doctors Without Borders. She is also serving on the honorary committees for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and the National Historic Society for Women.

Bobi has a special place in her heart for rescued animals.

For information about the Honorary Committee, please contact:

Patricia Howard

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